JIBO is the first family/social robot. It will be deployed to developers in late 2015.

Developers will be able to make apps for this new platform, so it wall have its own market place.

Wow! Some dictators are creative! Money Horse is making a video game called Glorious Leader! for North Korea.

In this game, the hero is Kim Jong Un, and he is ready to kill all Americans!

The website describes the game like this:
Glorious Leader is a retro run ‘n’ gun style game for mobile and PC platforms.
Take up the mantle of Kim Jong Un in defense of your great nation and fight off the attacking American imperialist hordes!

This guy is seriously mad!

MakerBot has recently introduced three new 3D printers to the market.

Replicator Z18 is the biggest and most expensive in the family.

Replicator is the medium size bro. The code name is weird, because the predecessor was called “Replicator 2″ and the new one is just “Replicator. It’s the 5th generation model.

Replicator Mini is the small sista, very affordable and good for home/small office use.

Combining one of these 3D printers with MakerBot’s Digitizer, which is a 3D scanner, will let you replicate everything you need! wlEmoticon-justkidding.png