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How often do you look up a piece of text on a web page?

If you’re a power user, probably you will use your keyboard rather than mouse to perform this sequence:

  1. Ctrl + C: to copy the selected text.
  2. Ctrl + T: to open a new tab in your browser.
  3. Ctrl + V: to paste the selected text.
  4. Hit enter to trigger the search.

I could never imagine that I can shortcut the whole process! To do this, you can use the AutoHotKey tool. I skip the instruction on how to install it and create script files, but as soon as you go over those, here is the script you’re looking for:

This script means when you hit qq (2 q’s) on your keyboard, AutoHotKey will replace it with sending Ctrl+C, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+V, Enter.

The difference between :*:qq:: and ::qq:: is by using ::qq::, you will need to hit space/enter to trigger the replacement (which doesn’t work for us in this case), but the * in :*:qq:: makes the replacement happen as soon as you type it.

I hope you find crazy cool uses for AutoHotKey!

Windows 10 shortcuts are here for power users! I was looking for multi-desktop shortcuts, and I found this page.

If you are looking for something specifically or you want to print them all, unfortunately this page is not very searchable, but if you are a geek there is a workaround:

  1. Right click the page in any browser, and select Inspect Element from the menu. Browser’s web development window pop ups.
  2. Navigate to Console panel.
  3. Paste this code in console and hit enter to execute it:
    $(“a.link_collapse”).addClass(“link_expand”).removeClass(“link_collapse”); $(“div.collapse”).addClass(“expand”).removeClass(“collapse”);
  4. Now you can search for your stuff, or print them all!  wlEmoticon-justkidding.png