Cheshmack: A Gaze-based Game

On late January 2014 I was hired by UXDM lab at WPI, school of business to troubleshoot and program eye tracking systems.

The goal of the job was to make the eye trackers work with the provided SDK by the end of Spring 2014 semester. Well, I did it in a week (it was a 10 hours/week job).

Then I proposed a few games to be made upon these eye trackers. We picked the simplest design, which was easy to implement and also it could let us compare traditional input devices, like mouse and keyboard, to using gaze as the interaction method.

In a few weeks I developed the game, and then we exposed it to participants to play and compare it with other input mechanisms.

This game lead to an award-winning poster publication, and also a research paper. Please use the following links for more information.

2014 - Gaze As Input Poster - WPI Grad 2014 (Award Winner)

2014 – Gaze As Input Poster – WPI Grad 2014 (Award Winner)

You can download the conference paper here.


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