Ahmadinejad’s Portrait – Color Marker

For a while I was craving to draw Ahmadinejad’s portrait! Maybe because he’s so ugly!

So, I did it like this:

1. Find a reference image of him (so pretty!):



2. remove the background and change the contrast to reduce the number of colors in the image:


3. Trace the image, using Corel Trace to make a vector version of it:


4. Then, I used this image as a reference and drew a grid on top, and used 4 color markers to draw it on a sketch paper. After having the idea of what I want to do, I decided not to be limited to the reference image. So, you can see in the final work, for example in the beard area, I have abstract shapes, which are not available in the reference. I was using very basic markers and paper, and maybe having high quality materials can improve the look and fill of the artwork. Here is the final result:

(I have also illustrated a vector abstract portrait of Ahmadinejad; You can find it in the Art Gallery.)

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