Flamin goes…

I saw a photo of pink flamingos on Pinterest, and I got inspired to make a digital illustration. Here is how I did it:

1. I used a reference image to make a vector outfit shape of a flamingo in CorelDraw.

Flamin goes s01

2. I made duplicates of the body, several times across the canvas, then altered their shapes slightly by rotating, sheering and resizing , then finally filled them with basic solid colors.

Flamin goes s02

3. Then I exported the vector file as a .psd file with open layers, and opened it in Corel Painter. Painter has an amazing set of brushes. I painted each body by “Gel Fractal” brush with a pink tone.



4. Next step was combining bodies, and make corrections to have the best cloudish look.



5. Add the end, I added the sea on top with several bluish abstract layers, made the beaks semi transparent, and at last cropped and signed it. The original file is huge and I can have a wall-size print! Just kidding

If you have questions about the details, please contact me.


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