Infographic Design: Weblog Visits

I was given an assignment to make an infographic based on a weblog visits statistics. Here is an image of the dataset:

weblog pageviews dataset_thumb[1]

Although the rules defined in the book recommended by the professor, Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte, are still applicable, but it is a very old book (published in 1990) and does not contain any guideline for designing modern web infographics.

I did some research on infographic design guidelines, and among a lot of useful information, I found these rules:

  • “Visualize Data” and don’t put a lot of text on the infographic.
  • Because texts should not be distracters, the title of the infographic is the best and only place to play with typography.
  • Don’t make a simple bar chart, if a customer wanted this, she would you Microsoft Excel.
  • Analyze the data and display the results. For example, don’t just show bars with numbers, instead, compare highest numbers to lowest, categorize and color-code data, point out trends, etc..

So, based on these rules, and other guidelines from the web, I took these steps to create my infographic:

1. I Analyzed the data, and defined what I want to put on my infographic. Here was my plan:

  • Get rid of all absolute numbers and convert them all to percentages.
  • Sort continents by their number and show them in a row from left to write.
  • Compare continents, OS, and browsers data to find winners and losers.
  • Find some hidden information: compare desktop vs. mobile visits, based on the type of OS.

2. I defined a layout for the infographic, before start implementing.

3. I decided on a color theme, with 5 colors.

4. I started creating the infographic and made changes, if it was necessary.

5. My humorous side decided to exchange professor’s name with a logo of his face (with glasses and beard) on the title.

Here is the final result:

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