UDK Level: Temple Gun

As a school assignment, we were asked to propose a level design (just the level, but not mechanics), and then after receiving feedbacks, make it in 9 days, in a team of two. We decided to design the level of this type:

  • Single Player
  • First Person Shooter
  • Gameplay type: Hostage Rescue
  • Experiences: Patriotism, Accomplishment
  • This can be a level for “Delta Force” games.
  • Background Story: Patrick McMillan, high-ranked political figure has been kidnapped. Intelligence services don’t know who is behind this action, but they have tracked the place he is being held, in temple in Colombia. You will play as Joe 12P7, the only soldier who can rescue Patrick, to go on a mission and rescue him.
  • Premise Type: Tropic Jungles, Old temples
  • Level Goal: Accomplish the mission and rescue Patrick
  • Time of the day: Late in the morning
  • Look and feel, atmosphere: Ancient site, Mysterious place

Then we collected some art and architecture images. We wanted to start in an outdoor space, like a jungle, that ends to a temple:

map top view

We decided to have a 3-storey temple. The player finds a secret passage behind a waterfall and enters the temple to the ground floor, then uses the elevator to go to the basement to rescue the hostage, and then goes to the top floor and waits for a helicopter. Here are floor plans:

f -1

f 0

f 1

“To make this level, 5 people should work for a month! It’s too big! You should shrink the scope of the level.” my professor commented.

But beside minor changes, we decided to implement the level as we’d designed, and we accomplished! The outcome is the result of working at least 12 hours/day for 9 days.

Here are some screenshots:

You can download and test the level here (Right click and choose download): UDK Level: Temple Gun

[As the file is 569MB (more then 300MB), in order to download it, you need to log in to a Microsoft account.]

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