Once Upon a Clown

“Once Upon a Clown” is the title of the 2D point-and-click adventure game I have had developed using XNA Game Studio.

At first, I developed an engine for point-and-click style games, and meanwhile I was working on the game design, mainly the story and puzzles. Then, I contracted a 2D artist to illustrate background scenes, and design and animate characters. By having artworks available, I started developing and debugging the game, using my home-made engine.

Beside numerous technical experiences I gained during developing the engine, which is almost 15,000 lines of code, I learned a very important business lesson: Have legal contracts with the people you want to work with. Well, you may say it is so obvious, but in our case the artist guy and I were students, we were kind of friends, and we did not take the contract seriously, which let him to triple the price he was asking first, and I could not pay for that.

So at last, I managed to only make the first level of the game.

Once Upon a Clown tells the story of a boy, called Adam, living in a circus town. One day Adam has a strange dream. He realizes that before being a clown, he had a life as someone else, and now he’s just acting in his role. So he decides to seek the truth, and that is how his journey begins.

The symbolic storyline of the game, wants to refer to our lives, in which, we are acting in our life/job so seriously, that we almost forget who we really are.

I have archived game’s content and code. here are some screenshots:

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